Accompany me a bit on a journey into the spiritual world. My gift as a spiritual medium allows me to enter it.

Maybe we can find answers and contacts that you thought you lost….

I hope that on the following pages you will find information about my work as a medium and spiritual healer that is of interest to you and helpful to you.

The vision of The Academy of Excellence International is to create an International spiritual school for all like minded individuals who are searching and reaching to understand their completeness and wholeness.  A place where sensitive people can come and share their experiences along with each individual opening their inner door to their greater potential.


The Academy has taken its work into many European Countries and each country hosts many individuals who have, within the very fabric of their being, an enormous Mediumistic power.

The Academy would like to unite all countries and all Mediums together into one organisation.  To be able to do this the Academy is continuing taking its work out into many new places and countries. We are constantly reaching out to spiritual centres/organisation,individuals to come and join us.

The Academy has over forty-eight years of experience within their Training and Spiritual Development Programme.   The Academy uses other professional bodies and professional teachers  who will support each student along their individual spiritual pathway.

The school offers a complete holistic approach and it is the first of its kind to provide each student with a wide range of knowledge and experience along with the many tools that will be required to offer a professional spiritual/therapeutic service.

The Academy of Excellence was opened in 2012. During this time the school has gained much acclaim along with the school being very successful.  The school has many students from many countries who are already enrolled upon its education program.

The aims and objectives of the Academy are to produce professional Mediums/Healers/Therapists/Teachers for the future.

The school offers a wide range of educational studies, this involves written theory coursework into both the philosophy and mechanics of mediumship.

The Academy specialises in Training  and Development within all aspects of the Phenomena of mediumship and Spiritualism.

During the year of 1996 a special trance evening was organised for  myself “Jeff Jones” as the Medium and friends.  The reason why we call this trance evening a “special” was due to the fact that one of the regular sitters had received a little information, via the spirit world, that seemed to be important to my future work.  Hence the circle took place on Tuesday Evening, 19th November, 1996 at 7pm.

Immediately into the circle, I was quickly entranced by my spiritual friend and mentor “Lou”.   Lou, with his humorous style and personality, quickly put the circle and its members at ease.  With his vocabulary being very eloquent he spoke through  me.   Lou delivered the following address in two parts.  The first part was  for the group and the second part  was a personal message for myself.

“The reason I, Lou, am asking the group to record this address is due to the fact that by me entrancing the Medium simply means that he is in a deep altered state of consciousness and awareness and therefore he is not ´present´  to be able to recall or remember anything that I have spoken through him.”

The personal message that came from the spiritual world was: “Tell Jeff that he will take his work into many countries and by doing this, it will allow him to spread the great truths about the continuous existence of life after death.  He will also go on to become a well respected teacher and mentor to the many people that have been awakened and those who are searching.

He will help many people in bringing the realisation, that the human is not just a physical, intellectual being!  He will bring much more understanding to those awakened souls that the human, in fact, is a composite being – every human is a spiritual being in the here and now having an earthly experience.

With this understanding it should prove to many who are seeking, that there is no such thing as death!  So one might question what is death?  When physical death occurs, you must all try to understand that it is only a change in vibration.

When the spirit/soul vacates the human body, it  will continue its existence and will live a progressive life in what we term to be the spirit world, recognising that the spiritual world is made up of varying levels of development and intelligences which means that we do not all reside in the same dimension.

Also within this very personal message, tell Jeff that he will play an enormous role as a Medium and  Teacher throughout Sweden and as part of his mission  would  open a  school.  Of course, Jeff will find this statement somewhat overwhelming, but please explain to him that ´we´  from the spirit world can see his true destiny and tell him that we will continue to influence his mind and his pathway.”

Lou went on to say: “ Tell Jeff that we want to thank him for his commitment, cooperation  and most of all his pledge that he gave to the spiritual world that he would do his best to help, serve and inspire all who came within and around his life.

Through his work as a  teacher and as a Medium  he promised he would stay true to his calling and his mission.”

I would like to confirm that I am achieving  my  mission which is my  true calling and I have done this to this day and will continue as long as I can with great love, joy and happiness.

As a professional Spiritual Consultant, Psychic Medium, Spiritual Healer, Author and Teacher, I am able to offer all my clients a wide range of professional services. I can help each individual who is searching for a deeper meaning and understanding into the true meaning of life. The many services that the Academy offers can help each one to get in touch with the reality of self. Once they begin to find themselves it will allow each individual to open the doorway to their true inner potential which is unique with every individual.