Life, Education, Commitment and Dedication

Having started teaching within my local spiritualist church, I came to realise that I lacked  certain knowledge within the mechanics of Mediumship, therefore, I decided to join the Spiritualists´ National Union of Great Britain (SNU)  They seemed to provide the best Educational Programme in the whole of England.  I embarked upon several Theory Courses within Modern Day Spiritualism and Mediumship.

Here I achieved the recognition of being an Exponent both in Public Speaking and as a Demonstrator of Mediumship.  I then qualified as a Spiritualist Healer under the same organisation.  My awards were CSNUh Healer, CSNUs Speaker, CSNUd Demonstrator.  These awards are a Certificate of Recognition within the Spiritualists´ National Union (SNU).

Within holding these awards, the Spiritualists´ National Union appointed me as a Training Officer along with other colleagues, within the South Wales District.   This meant that I was responsible for the Training and Development of the Mediums on our platforms.

From here, I became the President of my local Spiritualist Church along with having my own Spiritual Centre in Wales.  From there I was invited to work at Stansted Hall, London along with other colleagues, who invited me as a Teacher and Lecturer.

I was then invited onto an International Platform whereby I was asked to work in Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, America, Dubai, England, Wales and have done so since 1994.

I have also appeared on Television Programmes and on many Radio Interviews.  I have also  been asked to do interviews for many local newspapers, magazines etc.

I am the Co-founder of the Academy of Excellence International.



I was born in the beautiful Valley known as the Abber Valley in South Wales / England.

Wales is also known as the land of song!  The Welsh language is spoken throughout Wales and it is my mother tongue, this old Welsh/Celtic language can be traced right back to the Bronze Age or Iron Age.

I was born in the still hours of Sunday morning on the 8th of August in 1954, I was the first son and grandson to be born to both families. I took my first breadth at two am which was on the same birthday as my grandfather!

What a gift I was to my parents and grandparents! At that time my parents were living at my grandparents house ( mother’s side) My mother prayed that I would arrive on her father’s birthday, because she felt that I would be the greatest gift she could give her father!

This all came to pass, the air was so filled with tremendous joy and excitement by the family being blessed in having their first son/grandson. Grandfather was woken up out of his sleep to be presented with this bundle joy and happiness and mother said to her father happy birthday dad!

I am one of seven children and I am the eldest son. From being quite a small child and as far back as I can remember, I seemed to have a longing and a deep interest to find out who or what God is?

My behaviour and my questioning mind somehow made me a little different from my other siblings and it seemed to cause a little concern for both my parents who were both atheists!

My parents were very poor and therefore we all lived in much poverty and deprivation, there was very little to go round, with not so much food on the table and the conditions in which we all lived were very difficult to say the least.

Within all of my childhood and suffering, I simply knew that I/we (the whole family) were all going to be alright. I didn’t know as a young child where or how I got this inner knowingness, however all I can say was that it was very strong!

I always had this enormous feeling that I was “somehow” being guided and watched over by someone or something greater than myself.  I simply had this inner knowingness  that whatever or whoever this power belonged to, I knew it could only belong  God the great spirit.

At the age of ten, I started to experience “things” that I did not understand! They were ”things” outside me?! Whatever “it” was “I” seemed to control me as opposed me being able to control “it” However, when the experience started to happen to me, my feelings was rather strange to say the least!My feelings were like I was paralysed with no control over anything! I was  there but not there?  I would scream for help but no one could here me etc.  After some time I began to think that there was something serious wrong with me!

I was so afraid to tell anyone about what was happening to me, these ”experience” seemed to get more and more intense to the point that I was afraid to go to bed or even shut my eyes because of the fear that something was going to happen to me.

Of course, looking back the spirit world knew me and they knew that in the fullness of time I would become the medium they were trying to educate and shape! For them to educate me it meant that they would have to take me directly to the spirit world to learn and to  experience what it is all about!

Of course, not knowing anything about the spirit world or what those inhabitants wanted from me, it didn’t help me by them giving me these terrifying experiences! I didn’t want them! However, the process goes on and it all started by the spirit world helping me with (OBE) out of the body experience.

I can remember one very intense situation whereby I had a partial out of the body experience (OBE) I say partial because my upper torso was sitting up whilst at the same I could look and see that my physical body was lying flat on the bed with eyes shut! As you can imagine this not only shocked me, but I returned to my physical body so quickly that on my waking up I was somehow gasping for breath and air!

Can you begin to try and imagine how difficult this situation was? I know of many adults who is working with (OBE) many of them find the experience much to cope with?  So can you begin to understand how difficult this was for such a young boy to cope with?

These out of the body experiences continued to happen for many other years and in turn they had an enormous impact upon my life! After some years I gained a little confidence with my (OBE) to the point where I could completely stand outside and separate from my physical body.

My first thoughts were, how can I have two complete separate bodies?

Each body could function totally independently from each other? Each separate body was functioning but somehow both bodies were attached to each other with a high level of intelligence in action.

From all of  these “out of the body experiences” I was gaining more confidence and there were times when I couldn’t wait to have the next one! I was able to quietly let go of some of the fears and anxieties that seemed to have prevented me from exploring this strange outer world that was much bigger than me.

Within all of my new found confidence that I gained, it seemed to have opened other door ways to the “unknown” I started to receive impressions of “dead people” I could perceive silhouettes of what looked like the shape of our human form? Although I couldn’t make any kind of sense of who or what these strange figures were, I didn’t let it bother me and somehow I was comfortable with the experiences.

Thinking back it has become very clear to me that everything started after the death of my grandmother.  My grandma was old and as children we were told that she had died and gone to Heaven.   Of course, this somehow fitted in with my young mind and the belief that there was such a place where all old people go to when they die.

I started to think a lot about God and Heaven and many other things spiritual, it gave me some sort of comfort within my small intellectual mind that my Grandma was in a better place now and this I was able to understand and accept.

During the days that lie ahead and leading up to the funeral, there was much sadness and grief within all the family members as you can imagine and three days after grandmother’s death and whilst the physical part of Grandma was lying in the mortuary, the spirit body of her materialised before me!

I was not afraid nor did I perceive her as being “dead”  because she looked the same, smiled the same and she was my Grandma!  I knew that she loved me and I loved her equally and that this was a very natural moment for us both.

Within this enormous experience came the realisation “oh my God” if grandma was truly in heaven as everyone had told me she was? Then how is she sitting here talking and smiling with me, this must mean that “Heaven is on Earth!!  I was so exciting because I had found the answers to my quest and that was me looking for God and heaven! Here it is! I found it!

Of course, looking back I realised that this was my first communication with my “so called dead” Grandma and the spirit world, she appeared to me as being the ”same everything”.  She was solid and looked like the very same person as she was just before she passed?   The only “thing”I could say was different was that she seemed to have some kind of glow or light around her?

This communion with my “so called dead” Grandma was the beginning of the the rest of my life.  Looking back over many years to that one moment in time, it of course changed many things for me and it has made me the Medium that I am today!

To become the medium that I am today took many years of Training, Development along with many years in Education. Having achieved all of the above I was ready to go out and serve the many churches throughout England and Wales.

From serving the many churches it lead me to Stansted Hall in London along with being invited to other Psychic colleges throughout the land. This naturally allowed me to progress onto an international platform and career.

It also created opportunities for to take my work into Theaters and large audiences along with being invited onto television shows and radio stations. `

My work as a Medium/Spiritual Healer and Teacher has given me an extraordinary journey!  Along the way I have had the pleasure of meeting so many interesting and remarkable people from all walks of life who have enriched my life.

I will always be indebted to those who have touched my life and especially those who have been able to inspire me and my work. I remain eternally grateful to my family especially grandmother for all the love and support! A special thank you must go to my spirit team for the love, guidance and most of all their patience

Jeff Jones.